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Brown Swiss is a marathon runner ... Strong in endurance and adaptable to different environments.


The Brown Swiss breed is raised worldwide but it is very popular in Europe where the highest numbers of Brown head are raised and top selective results have been reached.


In terms of numbers, Switzerland is the leading country with 520,000 heads, followed by Italy with 473,100, Germany with 453,000 and Austria. The breed is also popular in France, Spain, UK, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Romania.


Brown swiss is also raised in USA and Canada and it has been the source of new blood lines which have renewed the original European Alpine Brown Breed. There are large population also in South America, Africa, Asia and Australia where it is raised either as pure breed or as cross breed with local breeds. In general we can assume that there are over 6 million Brown Swiss animals worldwide.


The European Brown Swiss breed is noted across Europe and beyond for its milk production and contents, longevity, functionality, adaptability, strength and docility, which make of it a very attractive and economically interesting cow.


The number of crossbreds is increasing and should be clearly above 1 million. Average milk yields are the highest in the USA, with 8,842 kg, although many countries have exceeded the 7,000 kg threshold.


Every year, more than 300 young sires are tested within the framework of official breeding programs.


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