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Over 50% of Brown Swiss cows have calved 3 times or more ...

NOEMI CH 120.0910.3498.1 Lötscher Christian + Hansjürg 382047 BVCH36682.jpg

5 generations family - Switzerland

5 cows over 100 000 Kg in Switzerland

Longevity is one of the features of the Brown Swiss breed and an important sign of animal well-being. It has always been one of the Brown Swiss selection goals. Most of the type traits, typical of the breed are the basis for a long productive and reproductive career.


  • Long Productive and Reproductive Life

Many of the type traits have been selected and consolidated to give Brown Swiss cows a long productive and reproductive life. Scientific researches have confirmed that some type and functional traits that are typical of the breed are closely connected with longevity. For example: a quite high and well attached udder with neatly perpendicular teats, functional feet and legs as well as a rump sloping towards the back.

In all countries, the Brown Swiss breed has a high lifetime average production linked to a high average number of lactation. In Germany, the Brown Swiss cows remain in average one year longer in the herd than the other dairy breeds.

    Lifetime production - Germany 2018


  • The highest propotion of 100 000 Kg 's cow !

300 to 400 cows reached 100 000 kg each year in Germany and Switzerland.  Equal to 0,18 % of the population to reach this level, it is the highest level all breeds !  

age at leaving herd DE 2018.jpg
graph lifetime production DE 2018.png

Brown Swiss World Record :

In USA, Glad Ray EJ Paris EX 92, the over 17 years old cow is the current Lifetime Production Leader in milk, fat and protein with 200 506 Kg of milk produced in 8 lactations ! 

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