After an intensive work with all National Associations to redesign the breed positioning, the European Brown Swiss Federation is proud to unveil the new Brown Swiss communication through this new logo.

As a result of a common desire to become stronger together, for the benefit of the breed and its breeders throughout Europe, this logo is standing for a unique message of the breed. Because from north to south and from east to west, we all breed Brown Swiss with the same passion and same economic and environmental goals.




Brown Swiss, Braunvieh, Bruna, Brune … many different names for a unique breed with unique assets. As a signal of UNITY and COMMITMENT, the common brand name BROWN SWISS will now be used by all country members to promote the breed in their communication activities.



Brown Swiss is a breed that evokes strong identification and passion because of its great charisma and beautiful exterior. Easy handling, fitness and adaptability of the cow to varying situations facilitate farmers’ daily life. High milk quality and the longevity of the cow support farmers in achieving their long-term economic and environmental goals.



Brown Swiss is the cow for forward-thinking farmers who seek long-term profitability, produce milk in an authentic and reliable way, care for animal well-being and feel a sense of belonging with the breed. In shorter terms ; your smart choice for high quality farming!

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