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The European Brown Swiss Federation was established in Lucerne (Switzerland) on 10th May 1964. At present 8 countries join the Federation as ordinary members : Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland. 3 countries join the federation as extra ordinary members : Bulgaria, Ukraine and Czech Republic.


The goal of the federation is to promote the development of the breed through the exchange of information and practical  knowledges between the member countries and the institutions dealing with the scientific and technical promotion of animal breeding.





The European Brown Swiss Federation has in view the cooperation between the various Brown Swiss cattle breeding organizations in order to promote the breed. Means of obtain this objective are:


• Harmonization of  Linear Description and Classification


• Common education of judges


• Common methods of Genetic Evaluation including Total Merit Index


• Common promotion of the Brown Swiss breed


• Common system of declaration of hereditary defects and common data bank


• Coordination in the domain of herdbook


• Common research work 


• Organization of international contests (European  Brown Swiss Championships) and International congresses (European Conference of Brown Swiss breeders)






Articles of the Federation



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